Inspiration by Coffee

I must say if it was not for coffee, I would be a bore. Coffee and the caffeine it contains acts like a little muse inside of me. As my mind slowly wakes up, chemicals fire within my brain. New neuron pathways connect. An idea percolates and issues forth. From my thoughts to this keyboard an act of creation happens. So for this I am truly thankful.Over 83% of all adults in America drink coffee according to this 2013 article from USA TODAY.That is more than any other nation out there. But then again when I was in Kuwait and Dubai, Starbucks existed on pretty much every corner near the malls and major roads. I would say countries in the Middle East would give Americans a run for their money as far as how many people drink coffee. Unlike America, alcohol is forbidden to Muslims and banned in Kuwait and several other countries.  Coffee’s origins can be traced back to the 15th Century in Yemen, located in the Middle East. The Sufis, deep within their monasteries started to cultivate the bean. They obtained the first seeds from Ethiopia. This first brew would help them during their nighttime devotions. One legend attributes the first cup of coffee to Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili, founder of the Shadhili Sufis (part of Sunni Islam). For more information go here. Whatever the case may be, coffee did originate in this region first, then spread throughout the Ottoman Empire. From there it jumped into Italy and spread throughout Europe. Finally it reached America in the 1720s out in the Caribbean.Now on to what happens when you drink the stuff. Here is what Coffee does to your brain. Check out this video below. Coffee releases several chemicals into your brain and body. Adenosine, Adrenaline and Dopamine push our body to another level of operation, giving us the feeling of energy. Too much coffee though can have the opposite effect. There is even a lethal dose of coffee which is 14000mg. An average cup has 150mg. I personally benefit at least 3 to 5 times a week from coffee and caffeinated substances. Without it I would not be able to produce what I need. A few people have sworn off coffee and its effects. But I will always reach for that cup of coffee on a Monday morning.Now my favorite Coffee is Café Bustello. Runner ups are Illy and Starbucks. I do like Community Coffee and I will tolerate the occasional cup of Folgers. For cold coffee I love UCC made in Japan. 7-11 has some great choices of coffee if you are in a hurry. I usually take my coffee with Sweet and Low (the pink packets) and that is it. No creamer or other substance. Maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon during cold weather. What kind of coffee do you like? How do you take your coffee? Let me know in the comments.

Source: Inspiration by Coffee


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