Easy Meditation

Our fast paced society leaves little time for introspection. Or a deep pause. Often we feel mentally fatigued and have no idea why. If you feel like your brain is in a fog, you forget things easily, or constantly fighting depression then you might have brain fatigue*. Other symptoms include lack of motivation, difficulty learning or poor focus.Meditation can help. It will increase your health and immune system.It will reduce pain.It decreases stress.It improves focus.It improves memory.Here is an article with a whole slew of linked studies here. The point being meditation helps. It helps cope with stress of dealing with loss and being alone. If you want to get your groove back, meditate.Here is a very simple 3 minute meditation you can do right now at work.• Sit your back straight. If you have to, use a wall.• Close your eyes• Imagine a blue sparkler, much like the one from childhood you waved around. Imagine this blue sparker and imagine it right over your head.• Breathe 2 slow, deep breaths.• Let the sparkler come right down on your head. It should be in your head.• Take 4 more deep breaths.• Let the sparkler keep working. Focus on it while breathing.• On the 7th breath let it travel down to your heart.• Take 6 breaths• On the 13th breath, let the sparkler travel into your pelvic region. • Breathe 6 more times.• If you still have any negative thoughts, put them into the blue sparkler.• On the 18th breath, flush it out of you. Your exhale should be a powerful exhale, like blowing out candles. Breathe a normal breath afterwards.Do this at work or anytime during the day. It works best right before bed laying down.*(Only a doctor can truly diagnose you. This article is not a supplement for true medical diagnosis.)

Source: Easy Meditation


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