Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Use

Every author, be they independent or with a publishing company needs to grow their audience. One of the best platforms to do this on is Twitter. Twitter is amazing for how much information can be found and passed on to readers in a simple 140 character message. Videos and links to good articles along with ideas flow through twitter. Professionals and those who follow celebrities love this platform. Authors benefit greatly from the quick and easy exposure on Twitter.

For Christmas, here is a simple, yet effective gift to you, my fellow authors. Hashtags.Using the discover tool in Twitter is a great way to find and use content. If you are lazy (like I am) just go to the search bar and type in what you want to find.

Compiled here is a great list of Hashtags authors can and should use for their writing.

Subject and readers












Connecting with fellow writers











A lot of these hashtags do translate to other platforms. Feel free to use them on Facebook or Instagram. The more networks you distribute your information on the more you get the word out. Readers are hungry for your content! Reach them.

On a final note, make sure to always check what is trending on Twitter. You can find out this information on your desktop feed in the left column. If you can connect your Twitter story to a hashtag there, you will get the word out.Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, Happy Holidays!Richard Leon

Source: Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Use


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