Right Monster for the Job

Some good advice on putting monsters to work in your next campaign.

The Heavy Metal GM

It’s often surprising to us as GM’s as to what sticks in the players’ minds about our games. An NPC we overlooked or simply plopped down as something to interact with, a statement intended to be taken as face value, a strange artifact that you handed them simply to make them feel accomplished, whatever it may be. A smart GM will use the player’s paranoia to shape the game and co-create a story with the players. Letting the players unwittingly write the story is one of our most clever and diabolical tricks. But we’re not here to talk about tricks this time, but more so about what we actually do on purpose to iterate a point.

Tone is easily one of the most important elements of a game. It dictates how players role play their characters, how important decisions are made throughout the story and it’s actually the first thing…

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