Plans for 2017

Hey everybody,

I figure now is a good time to chat about 2017 and what will happen next year. To be frank with all of you, I have some ideas on what will and will not happen next year.

New Gods of Mankind 2nd Edition Table-Top RPG is on hold until further notice.


The market is still too small for Table-top RPGs. There are so many mediocre products out there flooding the marketplace. I do not feel a kick starter will be successful for a 2nd edition. Also several other companies have ripped off my idea and put out products close to mine, stealing my customer base.

If I see some positive traffic from my marketing efforts I will change my mind.

At one time several thousand people downloaded and loved this product. Now it is just sitting on someone’s hard drive. Some of it is my fault.

I should not have hired people I did over the years. I learned a lot about the industry. I know it is filled with crooks as it is very hard to make any money in table top RPGs. See unlike others I actually pay my artist and writers.

I have a lot of love and admiration from the artist community and writers as well. As a boss.

As a fellow writer I think the jury is still out. I know my work is good. But do people have time to actually read my writing? No. Most people just skip it and move on. People already have select authors they love. It is hard to grab people’s attention when so many others do so. Maybe one day an idea, novel or game will stick.

I would love to join someone’s project. But it is also an insider industry filled with who knows who. I am not in the in crowd. I know I can produce quality writing in a proper format.If you need me to work on a project with you email me

So what am I going to work on?

Novels based off of New Gods of Mankind.I think this goes without saying. There is a huge story here that needs to be told. It is a great world with lots of unique ideas. I do not plan to abandon it. I plan to develop the whole series of novels into something great. January will see at least 5 to 10 chapters complete for the second novel.

Card Game Thirsty Patrons.

This is a project dedicated to a friend I met out in the desert. He is slowly degenerating because of a disease. I want to get this project done soon. For him and myself. I need this project to succeed before his illness overcomes him. This is a cool game about two or four patrons in a bar looking to get rid of their rival by Boasts, Insults, Seduction and Intimidation. Ego will be the main stat with Gold Coins being the second stat. People can play Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

Blogging about life and humanity.

I see a weekly blog of at least 1000 words. I plan to keep moving forward with my work on I want to build up a good readership and improve my writing style. Expect more writing and I want to make sure my words hit home. I want, no I need to make a difference with all of you.I might take up arms and get into table-top again. I just do not see any true success there. The top company still is WoTC with a few other companies eeking out an existence underneath. I do want to do what I love, but not just for creating it. I would like to make a profit as well.

(Artwork by J. Slucher and G. Garcia for New Gods of Mankind 1st Edition)See you guys in 2017!

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Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Use

Every author, be they independent or with a publishing company needs to grow their audience. One of the best platforms to do this on is Twitter. Twitter is amazing for how much information can be found and passed on to readers in a simple 140 character message. Videos and links to good articles along with ideas flow through twitter. Professionals and those who follow celebrities love this platform. Authors benefit greatly from the quick and easy exposure on Twitter.

For Christmas, here is a simple, yet effective gift to you, my fellow authors. Hashtags.Using the discover tool in Twitter is a great way to find and use content. If you are lazy (like I am) just go to the search bar and type in what you want to find.

Compiled here is a great list of Hashtags authors can and should use for their writing.

Subject and readers












Connecting with fellow writers











A lot of these hashtags do translate to other platforms. Feel free to use them on Facebook or Instagram. The more networks you distribute your information on the more you get the word out. Readers are hungry for your content! Reach them.

On a final note, make sure to always check what is trending on Twitter. You can find out this information on your desktop feed in the left column. If you can connect your Twitter story to a hashtag there, you will get the word out.Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, Happy Holidays!Richard Leon

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Right Monster for the Job

Some good advice on putting monsters to work in your next campaign.

The Heavy Metal GM

It’s often surprising to us as GM’s as to what sticks in the players’ minds about our games. An NPC we overlooked or simply plopped down as something to interact with, a statement intended to be taken as face value, a strange artifact that you handed them simply to make them feel accomplished, whatever it may be. A smart GM will use the player’s paranoia to shape the game and co-create a story with the players. Letting the players unwittingly write the story is one of our most clever and diabolical tricks. But we’re not here to talk about tricks this time, but more so about what we actually do on purpose to iterate a point.

Tone is easily one of the most important elements of a game. It dictates how players role play their characters, how important decisions are made throughout the story and it’s actually the first thing…

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Dragon Gods Rising Chapter 3

Artwork by Mark Facey created exclusively for New Gods of Mankind. Permission is granted for use with all related New Gods of Mankind products.

Bphophix sat by the ocean, on a dead tree stripped of bark, whittling with a copper knife. Dark knotted hands from years of hard work carefully carved out an animal from the area. He finished up the horns of a large plains creature needed for survival. “Lessons can be learned from such a small object”, he mused. Metaphors and symbols helped to plant ideas in the young, and bring forth critical thinking. If he could even impart such lessons before time runs out for humanity’s brief existence in this hostile world.So much has gone wrong since he landed with his crew here thousands of years ago. Time meant nothing now, just a distant distortion of his perception. Since his own death, he has searched for some type of meaning. It was just a dream, being trapped as a spirit on that small island where they lived out their last days. Then he met the mad god himself, Plthunlos, and everything changed.Old Earth was the only other place he knew where souls lingered and haunted places. His haunting days are over. Now he shared a body with this old man. It beat just thinking of the past and looking at ruin every day. Now there was hope, something to accomplish and do. With some of the technology he found, Bphophix knew he could get humanity on the right track again. A new generation of colonists for a planet gone mad. But could he make a difference?They leaned on him, sometimes too much. He did not want to be their king or ruler, but the thought was tempting. Could he rule over humanity? Possibly. But such a thought went against who he was. All his life he led by example. Would he toss it all away just for a brief stint of power? Humans needed to fend for themselves, learn to hunt and fish. But could they do it without authority? He did not know. His leadership role as Captain of a starship and leader of the colonists was doomed. Failure stalked him. He was not good enough to be a ruler, or even a king for that matter. But the urge to do something, to be the answer humanity needed, burned inside him. The other spirit in this body knew.Bphophix knew mankind had a long way to go. But patience was needed. So he carved wooden dolls for the kids in the village. Only a third of his people remained, scattered across the continents of Naalrinnon. Several Humans he instructed to head south, to the continent of Raanon. It hugged the equator and he knew they would thrive there. Other Humans he instructed to go north to Naalgrom and set up a colony there, away from Undines, Gnomes, and Salamanders. The only remaining people on Frinth had traits favoring the mild climate. He did not care about skin tones, as man would change to adapt.It was all coming to fruition. The plan slowly worked, step, by painful groveling step, for mankind.But Plthunlos had to be supplicated. His madness and rage created huge opportunities for Bphophix to exploit his logic, furthering his cause.“What did you make for me today BP?” A small girl, barefoot and covered in a simple white tunic, approached him as he carved. Her brown hair complimented her smooth yellow brown skin and almond eyes. She smiled a large, toothy grin as she tugged on his long, shaggy white beard. “Show me what you have there.”“Elisna, you must be patient. Your mother will get the animal I am making.”“What is it, BP?”“Something you have encountered before. When we went out on the plains.”“A Lashon?”“Maybe, now run along.”She skipped off to the sea, scanning the sands for more sea shells.A single dark cloud, brimming with lightning approached, with a being twice taller than any man riding it. The Mad God, rushed forward, landing in a grand fashion, shaking the ground as he came to a stop.“What can I help you with today, Plthunlos?”“You will refer to me as your God, worm! Your champion betrayed us!”“Your worshipfulness, I don’t think that is the case. He is most loyal to our cause.”“Liar!” Thunder cracked across the beach. Everyone cowered and headed to shelter in the village. Humans ran from the shore, picking up their loved ones.Except for Elisna. She continued to play with the shells by the ocean.“Celundynn’s fleet launched from the city of Jaash. Your trained saboteur failed.”“You have two hundred Humans trained in the arts of sabotage and you complain about one? Others wreck fleets and destroy villages in your name. But you pick on one?”“He is special, worm, and you know it! I gave him three of my gifts! Three! No other has such gifts. He is our champion. The best Human for the job. And he failed.”“What do you want me to do about it? You’re the one who can fly on thunderclouds and shoot lighting from his rectum.”“You insult me and expect to live?”“Yes! Without me you have no way of controlling the Humans loyal to you. We have colonized the world and slowly establish hidden villages. I have the most respect out of all elders. Even the village e

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Death by Loneliness (And our sad future)

“Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.”Bertrand RussellBeing the richest nation in the world has left Americans with a problem. As citizens of the United States we have so much to be thankful for. Including the choices we can make each and every day. These choices include withdrawing from society, building our own walls to keep people out and choosing not to engage with others.Artwork photo found here.So it leads to our current dilemma. We are dying of loneliness. Ahead of us a barren future of lonely adults playing games in virtual worlds. Our companions will be robots and imaginary, idealized versions of our loved ones. This is a bleak, yet realistic view of where we are going. If we do not figure out some solutions (I have a few to suggest), then we will end the human race. Not by nuclear war, an asteroid or some biological plague. Our own egos and idealism will kill is.  Currently 1 in 5 Americans experience chronic loneliness. It is not just a bit of homesick either. This is the type of pain deep within. Where you feel misunderstood and abandoned. This type of thought leads to an increase in health risks including heart disease and depression. This trend spreads rapidly due to an increase of social media technology. One can say we are on our way to a society of individuals alone. Scientists speculate lonely feelings act as a way to make us socialize. In this thesis here  you can read about the feeling of being alone an evolutionary trait. This opens up some ideas on why people have social anxiety and feelings of restlessness. People who tend to be alone are always on high alert and have trouble sleeping. Another study points to the fact individuals lacking social connections have a 29% increase in mortality. We are dying out here by our own hand.  Now for a bit of definition:John Cacioppo the director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience defines loneliness as:It’s perceived social isolation, or the discrepancy between what you want from your social relationships and your perception of those relationships.There are key words in this statement.What you want and your perception.Are we fooling ourselves with our own misunderstanding of others? Do we hold people to such a high standard we will never be happy with them in our lives?Now imagine a future where we can have the best relationships possible. Ideal companions and the best sex ever. Everything we want on a silver platter. Yet we would be more alone than ever. How?Welcome to a future of robotic cures. The trend now is for robots, combined with ideal traits from loved ones in the past al

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