Draax, Dragon God of the Boiling Seas Added!

New Gods of Mankind

For those of you looking forward to the first novel of New Gods of Mankind, this is a taste of one personality directly influencing the story. Draax is a unique Dragon God to behold. She embodies, ambition, desire in a chaotic package of evil. If you took Emperor Palpatine from #Starwars and added in #Maleficent with a touch of  sedution you would get an idea of who she is.


We also added the elder race of Gnomes as well.


Next week we will add in Celundynn, Goddess of the Shallow Waters.

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Spending All The Loot/ Gaining Responsibilities in Role-Playing Games

Cooking up more thoughts on Role-Playing Games here

New Gods of Mankind

Responsibility is one of those nouns that sneaks up on you. Your character emerges victorious from the clutches of Amon Ra’s Tomb with a sacred gem. You sell said gem for a fortune. Now the bank gives you a promissory note. Or if you’re lucky, you get stacks upon stacks of gold coins.


Time to party.

Or is it?

Often we take on more goods and items during this time period. Fresh from a game we buy a shiny new set of armor. Or better yet, a small wizard’s tower complete with servants, cooks, and a stable with mules.


Artwork found here.

Notice the last part, servants, cooks, and a stable with mules.

You just gained all sorts of responsibilities.

Every career class, from Assassin to Rat Catcher, Paladin to Murder Hobos… they all buy stuff.

We spend countless hours finding the right weapons, making deals with the game master…

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Cursed and Haunted, Stories of an Abandoned Japanese Hotel


Near the middle of Okinawa, Japan a building of horror and ruin rots like a bloated corpse on a polluted beach. Nakagusuku Hotel, a place cursed by fate slowly seeps its horror into the local landscape. The forest seeks to reclaim this haunted place, but it still lures people in. With its horrific charms and evil malaise those who visit the place become touched with a madness.


It started in the 14th century with a death.


Lord Gosamaru the ruler of Nakagusuku killed himself on August 15th of the Chinese calendar, during a Tsukimi (Moon viewing) banquet. He killed himself because the king sent Lord Amawari, the Aji (lord) of Katsuren and the General of his army, to destroy him.


One horrible death in a string of killings.


Many lords since then have fought and died near these castle walls. Princes and lords have come. Armies have clashed against these walls. And many bodies littered the earth.


The tombs of the dead stacked up outside of the castle. Buried in the ground with markers above.


Sometime in the middle of the 20th century the Govt of Okinawa Japan moved the tombs. But they forgot to move the bodies.


Instead in 1975 a wealthy businessman built Nakagusuku Shiroato Kogen Hotel Leisure Land. Right where the bodies of all those lords, ladies and fallen soldiers still remain.


Monks from the nearby temple warned the owner about building his wonderful hotel. A place filled with a petting zoo and waterslides. But the rich man would not listen.


Mid 1975 construction stopped. Workers complained about “accidents” happening on the job site. Staff fled the jobsite believing it cursed.


So the owner decided to sleep in the unfinished hotel for a night.


Some stories say he died. Others claim he went insane and was committed to an asylum.


Now this horror hotel sits, a ruined area, shunned by everyone. Even the U.S. Marines declared the area off-limits to service members in 2014 after a string of incidents.


Now let me tell you my story about this place.


I visited the hotel many times during my deployment to Okinawa Japan. I would say boredom and the lack of interesting things to do besides drink led me to this place. One can find all sorts of mysteries hidden in the ruins. My love for dark things drew me like a moth to a flame.


If you decide to visit this place, take a friend with you. And make sure you carry your faith or science. For the unexplainable lives here.


One can look around the burned out remains of the hotel and see the graffiti from many locals and foreigners who visited the place. Shabby buildings with mold and heavy vegetation haunt the landscape. The forest of Okinawa japan looks to reclaim the land for itself. Several buildings have caught fire over the years, creating an air of doom and despair.


Inside one building you can see the zoo area where animals were supposed to go. Old artwork grabs at you. Nearby is a staircase leading to a lower level. A level unexplainable, hidden in darkness.


Something lives under that staircase.

Two separate incidents of viewing “yellow, intense eyes surrounded by darkness” have been reported during my time there. One man was assaulted by something under the stairs. It shook him to the core. He never went back. I never saw those eyes. But I do know others have seen it.


Near the castle is an opening leading underground. It is unknown what is buried here, but it feels as if the place is alive with heat and a malevolent presence. Locals still burn candles and send prayers here. I felt the heat radiating well over 110 degrees. Stalactites and stalagmites cover the cavern. Moisture hangs in the air. Sometimes candle will still burn giving an eerie glow to the place.


I went down there. An intense heat hit my face and I left quickly.


I explored the castle as well.


Within is the remains of a well. Cold air and moisture cling to this area. One can feel the temperature drop within 50 feet of the well. I could feel something swirling around me once I entered the lower stairs area.


Around the ruins, several homeless and insane men and women still live. One night while travelling down an alley I was assaulted by someone or something throwing heavy bricks. They landed near us scaring us off. We ran.


Strange music and voices can be heard on the winds.


Another time visiting the area between the castle and the hotel ruins, a strange reed flute could be heard lilting on the wind. One time the sound came close to us. It was just four of us. We wanted to look around at a new spot. We talked as friends and we heard the strange melody in the background. Once we stopped talking it stopped. A second time it happened. Then the music kept playing and playing. It chilled us to the core. We ran as fast as we could back to the car.


Something nefarious remains in this hotel. Someday nature will swallow it whole. Yet the evil that resides within will remain.


Take a look at some of the pictures of the hotel and castle below. Decide for yourself if you think it is haunted.


I personally believe several spirits and insane people live here. They do not welcome visitors. Do not spend the night here.


If you want to read up more on these ruins and check out more photos check out the articles below.






And some history here