Miracle Casting/ Primary and Secondary Domains for 2nd Edition

Working on 2nd Edition New Gods of Mankind Miracle Casting for the Gods. Here is what I got so far.

New Gods of Mankind

This new edition of New Gods of Mankind will streamline miracle casting. Due to the complexity of 1st edition miracle casting, this will get players to focus on playing the character and developing strategy, not just casting miracles to stay within the rules.

2nd Edition of New Gods of Mankind will be more focused and geared towards miracles already written. 1st edition emphasized players creating their own miracles. You will have that option in 2nd Edition, but it will require a game master’s approval.  We want to develop more books based on domain miracle casting.

The four types of miracle casting, Creation/ Destruction/ Transformation and Control go away. You may only cast Creation or Transformation. Control miracles go away as more objects and beings gain autonomy. Unless something is willing miracles can be resisted. Destruction falls under Creation style miracles.

The following is a list of Primary and Secondary Domains…

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