A Resurgence of Gods

So it is time,

The 10th anniversary of my table top RPG New Gods of Mankind is around the corner. To celebrate, we will be working a kickstarter next ear along with a 2nd edition of New Gods of Mankind!

A new website is up now for your viewing pleasure.


Some noteworthy things.

2nd Edition will streamline the rules with only 13 primary domains and several secondary domains (including the primary ones)

Miracles will be easier to cast.

Levels for Gods will be introduced.

You can play as god or hero.

A new campaign, Lions in the storm will come forth. This will be also titled the Great War of Naalrinnon.

The timeline will be sped up to 500 years in the future. Humanity has advanced and uses Natural gas along with steam engines. (Steampunk setting).

Overall it will be an exciting time. More details will be released in the monthly newsletters coming out. Sign up now at the website above.

I will be personally posting more here and on Niume. I just need to find a good subject to write about.

Take care,

Your Nerd,





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