Fail Forward!

The Heavy Metal GM

Why did we come here? To roll dice, damn it! Skill checks are a really important part of playing an RPG. However, sometimes, the fear of failure in a critical situation can hinder players from taking the plunge and sending that d20 cascading across the table. So why haven’t we found a way to tweak this and take that fear away? Oh, would you look at that! Someone has!

While not a new idea, the Fail Forward mechanic in 13th Age really solidifies it as an “Indie” RPG by philosophy. The idea of this mechanic is that a character never really fails something, whether it be picking a lock or climbing a cliff face. Rather than outright not being able to do it, there’s an added complication upon your success.  As an example, instead of failing to pick the lock, they simply fail to do so quietly and alert whoever…

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