Roll Initiative!: Building Combat

The Heavy Metal GM

Conflict, whether physical or social, is the complete epicenter of telling a story and thus playing a role playing game. 13th Age is no different. Social combat is a completely different animal to handle, and heavily depends on how your group does role play. Today is addressing the nitty gritty, building physical battles!

For starters, the core rules has a great section in the back about building battles with a really nifty table. The table includes character tier/level in relation to number of monsters and recommended level. This is only just scratching the surface of building the best 13th Age combat you possibly can. The guidelines stated in the table are for what they call a “worthy fight,” which for the most part is true. As a GM, it’s your job to tinker with things to make them where you want them. Me personally, I find that the table makes…

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