Captain America: Civil War Review

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SPOILER ALERT: there will be some spoilers for Captain America: Civil War throughout this article – I have tried not to include any major plot spoilers or twists, but the blog post gives away a few details of events and character developments from the film (also some spoilers from previous Marvel comic books). Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

All too often, I go to watch a film at the cinema, only to find that all the good fight scenes, and all the jokes had already been used up in the trailer. However, when I went to watch Captain America: Civil War last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Civil War had a lot more to offer than simply the awesomeness the trailer had previewed.

team iron man.jpgFrom the get-go, Civil War was packed with action and surprises, and made sure to showcase each character’s abilities. Though some characters received more screen-time…

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Roll Initiative!: Building Combat

The Heavy Metal GM

Conflict, whether physical or social, is the complete epicenter of telling a story and thus playing a role playing game. 13th Age is no different. Social combat is a completely different animal to handle, and heavily depends on how your group does role play. Today is addressing the nitty gritty, building physical battles!

For starters, the core rules has a great section in the back about building battles with a really nifty table. The table includes character tier/level in relation to number of monsters and recommended level. This is only just scratching the surface of building the best 13th Age combat you possibly can. The guidelines stated in the table are for what they call a “worthy fight,” which for the most part is true. As a GM, it’s your job to tinker with things to make them where you want them. Me personally, I find that the table makes…

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How to Play an “Evil” Aligned Character without Messing Up the Party

Nice thoughts on playing evil characters. Check it out

“So, Lone Starr, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.” We love the bad guys in movies and TV shows – and well done bad guys can make or break a book, movie or show. However – when it comes to playing an RPG – many people advise steering clear of the moustache twirling villains in order to have a party that actually get’s something done. In the following article, we will tackle how to play an Evil character in any sort of party.

What is evil?


“I’ll have puppies with a side of kittens for breakfast! And don’t forget to kick the orphans this morning – come to think of it, they look a bit plump, are you feeding them AGAIN?”

We all have a variety of actions, phrases and people we would associate with “Evil” – but in our increasingly moral…

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What Cha Working On Boss?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know that yes, I am busy. Things are pretty hectic and I wanted to give you a brief update.

Currently still working on Salamanders of House Draax sourcebook for Anointed: Mantle of the Gods and New Gods of Mankind. This will bring one House and society of the Salamanders to life. Since Draax is the Dragon God of the Boiling Seas, expect to see the salamander version of marines to fight. Here is some stats for you to chew on.


I am testing out these marines and the whole house with a great group of gamers including Sean over at I appreciate them putting up with all the new content while I work it out for publication.

Also a second book with detailed career paths, domains and powers filled out will be coming too. Currently working on a Witch Anointed Character and adding in some cool, low level Cantrips as a single power to work within the system.

Speaking of new stuff.

Currently working on a card game called Giants of Klundynn. It is a 2-4 player game where each player takes turns as a Giant with an army of elite smashing another player’s village and followers. Four types of decks will be in the game: Ogres and Humans, Trolls and Orcs, Minotaurs and Beastmen, Behemoths and undead. The whole game is meant to feel like you are wrecking total devastation like in a Godzilla movie.

Playtesting happening soon.

Still waiting for edits and proofreading on the novel, Dragon Gods Rising. I plan to release the novel in June.

I will be running lots of Demos on @roll20 or live in San Antonio at your local game shop.

Going to find a few things to write about this weekend for sure. Expect a couple of nice blog posts.

Catch you guys later.



On the Other Side

The Heavy Metal GM

Switching roles is something we’re supposed to learn as role players, isn’t it? But then there’s the problem: humans are creatures of habit. Jumping from being a GM to being a player can be a difficult transition, as well as vice versa. Sitting on the other side of the screen can be excruciatingly difficult. The mystery has all but dissipated, you know all the monsters and recommended DC’s. Whoever is stepping behind the screen to give you a break has to be one crafty bugger. We know how to be a good GM, but how to be go back to being a good player?

Well, easier said than done there, my friend. Have no fear, because here are some guidelines! I have been lucky enough to have been the GM on the other side of the screen and seen another GM on the other side of the screen. Having two…

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