International Table-Top Day April 30th!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Gamers of All Ages,

April 30th is a special day set aside for Table-Top games. Come and get your game on at one of many marked and unmarked locations. Everything from Board Games, Card Games to Table-Top RPG games will be covered. Just about every game store will be doing something for that day. If you are looking for an international location participating with Geek and Sundry’s Table-Top Day you can click on this link here.

Geek and Sundry will be live broadcasting on their website. You can hit their Twitch Feed here. For more information on Geek and Sundry, go here.

Why do we need such a day?

So we can celebrate a hobby that unites the world in game. For one day millions of gamers will rise up and role dice, drop cards, move tokens, place miniatures and flip through rules. It is a day to wave your geek flag high. If you love games, it is nice to have a special day set aside for Table-Top RPGs.

This blog and the writer has his own personal reasons to love this day.

New Gods of Mankind

Anointed small cover.jpg

Check out the full line of PDFs for your next table-top game on RPGnow and find our new sets on Roll 20. We have a free sample PDF you can download now here.

If you have no friends nearby to game with, just log into Roll 20 or Fantasy Grounds and find a group.


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