Am I Playing Skyrim Wrong?

Blogging for Dopamine

If it’s not my choice of weapon, it will be my choice of quests, how I spend my skill points (if you were wondering, this could be described as “haphazardly”, at best), or if those don’t bother you enough, maybe you just don’t like my character’s name. For whatever reason, I wouldn’t be suprised if you think my current Skyrim character is a mess.

For context, she’s called Meera, and you can see what she looks like in the featured image above. She’s a Khajiit, and at the time of her creation (probably about 10am on a Saturday morning after downloading the game overnight), it sounded like a sufficiently cat-like name (in my mind, it’s not far off the sound of a cat’s “meow”…. “Meeee-ra”? “Meeew-ra”? No?), but at the same time, I figured it sounded just about cooler than something like “Whiskers” or “Ginger”. She’s also gained some pretty…

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