Levels of Aggression

The Heavy Metal GM


            Image credit to velinov, who created this image for Paizo

We all know the feeling. The frustration with your player unsheathing their sword at the local drunkard who insulted their mother. When you ask them if they’re really threatening the hobo, the dreadful answer of “yes” makes you prompt the player to make an attack roll. We are all guilty of this kind of behavior at the game table. Why do we do it? Well… simply put, it’s a fantasy game and who the hell cares? It’s just a peasant, right? Preventing your players from becoming murderous fiends is certainly a daunting task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some GMs are lucky and get a group of players that love immersing themselves in the world, players that understand a word can’t always be met with a blade or spell. As for the rest…

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