Meet Virtual Reality – and Meet its Limitations

Blogging for Dopamine

With keen early adopters starting to receive the Oculus Rift today, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that we’ve finally made it into the world of virtual reality gaming.

But despite how attainable this technology might seem, and indeed it is – the first Oculus Rift was hand-delivered by its creator, Palmer Lucky this weekend – the question still remains: is this technology ready to be adopted by the masses? And how long will it be before we see the headsets as a commonplace feature, alongside our consoles or computers, centre-stage in our living rooms?

The truth is, virtual reality is a very incomplete technology. It’s a baby. Much like the early Gameboys, no matter how fun (and now retro enough to be desirable again) these consoles were, they were in no way the finished product. They were simply the first marketable step towards something bigger. Likewise, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive…

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