Dragon Gods Rising: World of Naalrinnon Book 1

Dragon Gods Rising Cover 1 Small

Artwork by Pay Loboyko

So, I have my second novel done in first draft. Currently beta readers/ proof readers are looking over the work making sure I do not contradict myself. Or horribly break the rules of the English language.

Dragon Gods Rising is the final name I am sticking with. It will be the book following Mad God’s Gambit (a short story you can find here). It is one heck of an adventure and this book is something I have worked on internally for many years.

Writing this novel took courage. I did not feel I could do it. Heck, I had to write another novel first. But it will be on Amazon as a KDP select book.

What is this new book about? Dragon Gods. The beginning and struggles of Humanity on Naalrinnon. The conflict of Elder Gods and elemental species. A look at hope and despair. Dealing with power given to a reluctant ruler. That sums it up for now.

On the front cover is a brash and bold Dragon God, Xenthi. He fights within the city of Jaash during the Battle of Dragons, a major event at the end of the book.

A full teaser write up coming soon.


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