New Gods of Mankind Spirit World Part 7 Diplomacy of the Gods

All know that war is not the only avenue to a desired end. All spirits use diplomacy, from the eldest of gods to wily demons, stately spirits to new deities. Only Leviathans refuse to use diplomacy, for it rarely produces Terror and they cannot enter the heavens (where they might converse with gods) in any event.


Meetings of the gods are carefully arranged affairs filled with subtle meanings and hidden motives. When a god wishes to speak with another god, an avatar or chosen spirit usually represents him. This representative travels to the heavenly abode of deity with whom the god wishes to speak. During this initial meeting, the god and messenger make agreements for further meetings, which usually take place in the Celestial Gardens. Fate allows all deities to visit the Gardens and even work Miracles. However, if any deity violates the Gardens in any fashion, Fate’s retribution is swift.


These meetings can last for ages, as even now the elder gods still meet in private locations to discuss matters in the Known World. Demons and spirits are also allowed to meet with the gods here before their appointment in Fate’s court arrives.


In these meetings, deities discuss anything they wish. Popular subjects include mortal followers, heroes, and the lands in which they live. These discussions can lead to peace agreements as well as war pacts and trade permissions. The gods represent their nations and national interests. Gods are much like kings and queens, controlling their followers’ fortunes and lives.


Sometimes when diplomacy does not work, gods go to war in the Celestial Gardens. Since deities may not violate this place’s sanctity (and in any case nothing important can be permanently created or destroyed in the Spirit World), their mortals battle for them in the Known World. Gods support their mortals with Miracles, and all beings in that area of the Gardens observes the battle. If the opposing gods disagree with particular vehemence, they leave for their celestial abodes to continue the war from their estates.


Every so often, opposing gods confront each other directly, manifesting in the Known World and clashing with divine, earth-shaking weapons. Such duels can have lasting repercussions. Fate does not intervene, unless the Miracles in the war create irreversible damage to the Known World or affect the Spirit World.


Fate moves in its own way, always in secret and with ulterior motives.



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