Sharing The World of Naalrinnon

Lately, I am throwing out posts about my game world New Gods of Mankind in small chunks. Why? Because I am writing novels about it and additional supplements FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. This is a work I want to share with the whole world and this tiny blog here can expose portions of my creation to people all over the internet. I have worked on developing this world since 2005 so it has had time to mature. At first I called it The Known World. Now it has a name, Naalrinnon. But that does not even begin to cover the spirit world where all the true action lies.

spiritrelam_final low res

Artwork by Frank Walls

Next week I will post up Chapter 1 of Dragon Gods Rising, a novel based in the New Gods of Mankind world. It will be exclusive to Amazon for some time. With this in mind, I am happy to post short stories of older material sitting around.

I feel this work is something I will continue to do for a long time. Maybe someday it will get a huge audience. Then I will have more issues to deal with.

I dislike talking about my personal life and I leave it off the table even here. I do what I must to survive. I would appreciate it if you bought once of my books. Trust me, verbal gratitude would not even begin to say what I feel inside.

Go here

Interview here

My first novel on Amazon here

Yes, everything I write ties into the world I created. So I hope you like these posts. There will be many more to come.



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