How To Be Yourself

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations.

“It’s easy” She said. “Just be yourself” She said. My eyes began to roll…

Firmly engraved on the Holy Grail of cliché advice read the words “Just Be Yourself” This Swiss-army-knife,you-better-believe-it’s-not-butter! McDonald’s chicken-nugget of conventional wisdom seems to be the answer of all of life’s burning questions and apparently everyone but you, has figured it out. At least that’s how the story goes…

If being yourself is the answer, and barring that you don’t harbor a severe case of schizophrenia (Which is cool if you do…no judgment here!) then in theory you should be able to wake up, fully express yourself and with just the right amount of fairy dust, all of your problems will be solved. Later on in the evening, your Fairy God Mother will turn a pumpkin into a horse carriage, escort you to the grand ball and I’ll meet you…

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