4 Reasons You Should Watch The Shannara Chronicles


I just finished watching Episode 9 of the Shannara Chronicles on the MTV website. Yes I am over 40 and despite the network I find this fantasy TV series to be THE BEST on television right now. Everything from casting choices, writers, costumes and excellent story development delivers.

I want to hate on the show, but in all honestly I cannot even begin to dislike anything accomplished here. The show does differ from the books, but in a good way! This is a great retelling of a classic story. I will explain in detail below.

For those of you not familiar with Terry Brooks, you need to go and buy all the Shannara Chronicles books. Currently this season covers the Elfstones of Shannara. From what I hear Terry is happy with the TV adaptation.

Pick up the book here.

Original Cover  I read in High School here.


Season preview below

Now with that out of the way I will tell you the four reasons why you should be watching this show.

Excellent Casting Choices

I believe the casting is top notch. Every character is believable in their role. Some people might call them too pretty. I do believe their genuine enthusiasm for the project shines through in their roles. Plus some top notch talent is on board to carry this fantasy epic to another level in John Rhys-Davies as the Elf King. For me personally my two favorites are Manu Bennett as Allanon and  Ivana Baquero as Eretria. You can find the complete cast here.

FYI Ivana played the main lead in Pan’s Labyrinth. She grew up to be an incredibly beautiful woman.

” I leave you alone for a couple of hours and look what happens. You completely fall apart.”Eretria-aka-ivana-baquero.jpg

Miles Millar and Alfred Gough

I am not sure what else needs to be said about these two. If you liked Smallville then you might like this show as well. These guys know what they are doing. This writing team is an excellent choice by MTV. The sexual tension and drama between the main leads comes off well. You can see Smallville in the writing.

Top Notch Costumes and Special Effects

If you just like shiny and bright things, then you need to see this show. Everything from the demons to the Elven capital, Arborlon recreated perfectly. The make up effects on the Gnomes worked well. Even the ears on the elves looked real. Some pictures below for your eye candy.

    1. the-shannara-chronicles.jpg
    2. slanter_gnome_03_by_sallow-d9n28mp
    3. Shannara_Ep105-7856-1440426172

Incredible Character Development

This is something I would be vocal about. As a writer myself, not to see the characters develop over the season would turn me off. As of now I want to see more seasons. Finish this book and extend it more if you need to. Add some chapters and drag it out a bit, just like Smallville. This show going off the air might make me sad.

I will enjoy watching the season final next week. Full review coming possibly next week. I have seen some of the negative comments about this show. But I went in with a clear mind and decided to enjoy myself for once. Currently this show ranks as one I can watch again and again like Lost or Battlestar Galatica. MTV, do not slip and let this show go downhill. It has too much potential to be great.


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