Future of Human Endeavors Part 1 Our Present Dilemma

As a writer and creative thinker, I often ponder about the future. Not in a vague sort of way, but about our future as a species. Humanity binds itself in a series of advancements we are not even prepared for. I see underemployment gnawing at the bones of our society.

Technology  strides forward, faster in some areas and much slower in several fields. But technology also improves our efficiency, to the point where human work becomes obsolete. Without mankind working to earn a living how will we provide for ourselves? Robots and Algorithms replace mechanics and doctorate degrees in law. We graduate college and earn degrees which become obsolete. Without any continuous training  on modern tech subjects mankind will fall to the wayside.

So how do you keep training if you need to earn a living? Mankind goes to work at soulless jobs doing meaningless tasks soon automated and obsolete. Between our social life, and work along with family responsibilities we have little, if any time to ourselves. Without time to study and keep up with progress, our own wage earning jobs will create a situation in which everyone faces unemployment. No career is safe.

Our future may be bleak, or it could bring about an age of creative endeavors not seen by any species on this planet. Some would think humanity is moving towards an age of Lotus-eaters. I do not believe mankind’s destiny is to be apathetic naval gazers. In fact I would like to discuss with you about the future of creative endeavors. From engineering, technical fields to doctors, lawyers, illustrators and even writers things are changing. The world slowly grasps the true nature of our future. This article series will ponder upon these questions and seek coherent answers.

Humanity is in an age of wonder. But our economies and lifestyles have yet to catch up with this fact. We can do everything we need from one small device (smartphone). Yet we still drive to work in horrible traffic and endure the social and political office scheming and the juvenile pranks from fellow peers. Our social status, lifestyle and wants encase us in our dire employment situation. Yes there are exceptions but the status-quo remains as it has since the 1980’s.


A recent book I read called The lights in the Tunnel by Martin Ford brings this glaring problem to light in a well informed way. I will provide some of the best quotes here for your analysis.

“As we will see, technology is not just advancing gradually: it is accelerating. As a result, the impact may come long before we expect it–and long before we are ready.”

“What if technology progresses to the point where a substantial fraction of the jobs now performed by people are instead performed by autonomously by machines or computers?”

“Faith in the reasoning of the Luddite Fallacy is deeply ingrained in most professional and academic economists.”

“the economy would eventually go into decline because each worker is also a consumer.”

Right now I believe we are at a point in this world where technology will strip us of our jobs. Your degrees will not matter anymore. Only who you know and that soon will not matter unless you know someone rich. The human element and why people work will be toss aside for mindless greed of a few large corporations. I will look into answers on these issues in future articles. But humanity needs a solution by the people and the government which represents them. Not by big business. I cannot stress this enough as the lights in the tunnel will soon fade. Our future may be one where nobody can buy anything the big companies sell.




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