Why I created New Gods of Mankind TTRPG

The urge to create burns deep in any artist. What makes me happy is creative endeavors, collaborative or solo. If fish can swim and birds can fly, humans soar in a multiverse of ideas, thoughts and creative urges pouring out from our souls. In my humble opinion the greatest human endeavor, why we are here, is to create. Our minds are direct reflection of the creator of this universe. So with these statement made in earnest effort I will attempt to rationalize why I created the table-top RPG New Gods of Mankind. My goal is to share my ambitions and thoughts with you.

I will admit to being a frustrated writer. Yes I am guilty of this and I am rectifying the situation. Playing table top role-playing games helped to hone my creative skills and forge ideas. My players are collaborators in a creative effort in which we bring to life a universe thought of by someone else. So I came to a point where playing in someone else’s sandbox seemed dull. Why would I add to a world which someone else created? Would other gamers, game masters and players even care what I added into pre-established worlds? I tend to look at the big picture. Sometimes too big. I am a frustrated and ambitious writer who would go to the moon tomorrow if someone provided a shuttle despite my lack of training.


So in 2005 I set out to create a new world. I spoke with my friend from Denmark first. He is an old friend whom I spoke with about our joint passion for role-playing games, especially Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. We talked about different worlds and something stirred within me. I played Nobilis, an excellent game by Jenna K. Moran . I read many novels including all the Sandman Comics by Neil Gaiman. Oh and the most influential novel Weaveworld by Clive Barker. The idea of creating a game where you played gods appealed to me. But I wanted to set it in a Bronze Age of humankind. Classic Greek and Roman gods fascinates me. My Danish friend suggested using four elements of the ancient world creating each sentient species. I added to this idea and started to write. I created an online place to write and I started.

Inspiration led to creation as I know my ideas are a mix of many sources and inspirations. The results? A solid table-top RPG with simple dice mechanics and a free form miracle casting system. You have two primary stats as a god, your followers and your belief. Your heroes and followers hold three simple stats, Body, Mind and Spirit. This game is easily grafted onto other table top RPGs. In fact I know a LTC of the US Army who used my game with D&D (3.5 Edition). No, it may not be the most popular RPG ever. I do know the people who play this game love it and it has made an impact. It is a small but good audience and I am happy I created something worthy of public acceptance.

Basic Rules Cover.jpg

If you want to get a FREE copy of the rules, just go to this link right here for Basic Rules: Gods Armies and Tribes.  You can buy more if you want. Or just tell me you like it. My next novel Rise of the Dragon Gods is the frustrated writer in me finally coming out and writing.


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