New Gods of Mankind Spirit World Part 1

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This set of articles comes directly from my first RPG book I published New Gods of Mankind. I aim to show my creative abilities and what this universe is truly about. Enjoy.

The following is a compilation of several scrolls found in the ruins of a sea tower. The Silver Scroll Gatherers of Arador have transcribed the knowledge into a book called Shynndra’s Lore of the Spirit World. It is widely published and known as a unique first-hand account of the Spirit World. Anyone with an interest in the Spirit World is encouraged to read it.


I am old, yet my flesh is young.


To anyone willing to read this manuscript: My name is Shynndra, High Priestess of Celundynn in the Undine city of Nesh. My spirit has arrived here in the Known World thirteen times. My current existence is my thirteenth chance for me to serve her, Goddess of the Waters, Guardian of the Cliffs, and Protector of our Homes. It was she who brought me forth from Ansyllar, our heaven in the shining oceans above. What follows is a guide based on my travels—not on earth below, but in the heavens above.


The Fires of Creation, the Abyss, and the Well of Souls


In the beginning, after the First Thought, fire rages across the heavens. Not an earthly sort of fire, but an all-consuming, omnipotent fire that created the heavens and the earth. It burns still, and in the end it will consume us. For now, these Fires of Creation burn in the Abyss that surrounds us, in heaven as on earth. Every star in the sky is a part of this fire. Between the Fires of Creation, worlds are scattered, spinning, creating life in myriad forms. Even our sun is linked to this primordial fire. Without this fire, there is the Abyss.


Gods and Fate call the remnants of the first thought The Fires of Creation. In each of these fires is a potent mix of chaotic energy that spans time and dimensions. Only the most powerful of sentient beings can harness these fires, for they consume much. A few deities who have an affinity with the sun travel to the fire near the Known World. Tales say the void demons and more powerful deities can use the Fires of Creation as traveling points or gates to other fires.


In darkness, between the Fires of Creation, is the Abyss, timeless. It is all-consuming. Nothing lives here in the flesh. Only the gibbering void demons—spirits that escaped the Well of Souls—dwell here. It is a vacuum, an ancient desert, and those wishing to travel from one fire to another must cross it. A journey through the void is filled with peril. It is possible for a deity, strong spirit, or demon to cross this place, but most succumb to the madness that lies in the eternal blackness. Even the mightiest of deities cannot sustain themselves in the Abyss for long, as the power of their follower’s belief fades as they drift farther from their Celestial Sphere. Legends speak of ancient gods who traveled alone through the Abyss. Some returned meek spirits or wild Leviathans. Others simply vanished. However, something do exist within the Abyss: the Well of Souls.


Here in the darkness, shining bright with roiling energy, lies the Well of Souls: a powerful vortex filled with sentient energies forged at the dawn of time. The Well of Souls crosses space and time to imbue mortal bodies with spirits. Everything born with a soul takes its spirit from these eternal waters. Every species that thinks and speaks draws forth a specific stream of conscious energy from the Well. Unique spirit streams pour forth for each race. Humans, undines, gnomes, salamanders, nymphs, giants, and even demons come from this reservoir. The waters create every soul, each with a unique pattern. When a mortal with no patron god dies, she seeks this place, returning to replenish the Well of Souls.


As the seasons turn and time moves, so too does the Well of Souls. Balanced against the movement of the Fires of Creation, the Well swells and collapses much like the seas of the Known World. Every so often the Well overflows with souls, sending spirits crashing into the world. Some spirits do not follow the spirit streams and become unborn souls, lost to the true meaning of life. They are demons: spirits without a moral upbringing or the experiences of mortal flesh.


Inside the Well of Souls dwells a mass of raging, multicolored energy and thoughts, scattered and unformed. Within are many small, concentrated vortices of energy that hold sentient streams of consciousness. Among the spiritual whirlpools are the waters of the Well of Souls, unformed and filled with thought energy. A wall surrounds the Well—a wall created from concentrated void that is pure ink-black. Streams of formed thought flow from the whirlpools, beyond the wall, to the plethora of life forms in the universe. Only a deity who is fully aware of herself can hope to go into the Well of Souls without losing herself to the chaotic waters.


I have seen the Fires up close, I have risen from the Well many times, I have crossed the Abyss.


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