Game Proposal: Giants of Klundynn

Often I will get an idea which totally kicks ass. But I fail to properly conceptualize and write it down. Well now that I have a blog there is no excuse. So here we go.

I present to you the idea: Giants of Klundynn

Yes a novel can be written about this. But first to see if this idea has legs.

The idea is simple enough. Four dominant “fantasy genre” species of giants walk across the world of Klundynn bringing doom and destruction to all who get in their way. In the early times, before civilization these four species dominated the land so much, no other sentient group could thrive, including humans. These titanic monstrosities would destroy whole straw towns in several heartbeats of raw brute force. But times change, with the coming of civilization and iron.

During this current iron age of craftsmanship a relationship formed between the smaller species of Humans, Orcs, Wood Elves and Beastmen with four giant breeds, Ogres, Trolls, Treants and Minotaurs. Small villages, towns and even a few cities rose from this chaos along with several kingdoms. But the urge to go back to darker times grows deep within the giants. Mankind convinced the ogres to work with them and bring about a kinder, gentler age. But for every step forward, a troll will knock you three hundred steps back.


By Roman Fenix Typhoon More here

In the game, players would take on the role of one of four different types of land walking giants. Each player can(maybe?) control smaller groups of the little races as well to aid them. Much of the game would focus on special abilities mechanics for destroying walls and tearing down built structures. Player goals would be gathering more resources, conquering territory, building up reputation and smashing things down. Emphasis on breaking and beating things down. Players could have their own little village or town which they defend. Or just roam around like nomads harassing the neighbors.

In this world of Klundynn, each giant kin hates the other three types of distant cousins. Sometimes only insults are hurled. Other times small brothers and mother in laws are tossed at the enemy. The only reason war has not engulfed the world once more is due to the smaller species of Humans, Orcs, Wood Elves and Beastmen working out many treaties with each other as they know where the true threat lies (with Giants!). Also the four smaller breeds do their best to keep the larger folk from seeing each other. Everyone knows what happens when an Ogre sees a Troll. So Humans do their best to keep the Ogres occupied with smashing walls while Trolls find themselves fighting savage beasts in Orc gladiator pits. The biggest killer in the lands of Klundynn are bored Giants looking for something to rend asunder.

This game would play out much like a Fantasy Godzilla vs. Mothra with epic battles taking place in every town and city. If a major city came into play, a possible army of organized orcs, humans, wood elves or Beastmen could form. This would only mean more people and things to be broken apart.

For RPG mechanics the new D&D rules could be used. Role-playing a simpleton might have some challenges to it. But it can lead to many nights of hilarity as one ogre tosses the other around in a game of smash dat wall. During the day humans would build the wall only to have it tore down again at night. Special classes would be created just for each giant breed with at least four varieties. A rpg subplot of playing keep away with Giant breeds could be a lot of fun as well.

I believe this type of game could be exploited better if it was made into a 3D MOBA Multiplayer online battle arena. I can see players decimating whole maps with their special abilities. Forming alliances would be key to conquering new territories. Setting it up like an MMO similar to Kingdoms of Camelot could turn out ok. But I would rather have the players knocking stuff over as a major focus of the game. An engine like Warcraft 3 would work really well.

This idea is worth fleshing out. But it might collect dust. I propose this idea and the possibility of collaboration with another party. If you straight rip this idea off, I have buddies who will take care of you in court. If it inspires your own ideas then my hat is off to you. I believe we all have ideas. It is in execution that the true creators come out. I would love to execute this idea with someone.


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