Virtual Table Top Gaming on Roll 20

Due to changes in technology, I decided to try virtual table top gaming with Roll 20. For those of you who do not know, is one of the best table-top gaming platforms out there. Yes, there are more VTTs out there but none worth investing time learning. The only other online table-top platform in competition is Fantasy Grounds. I must recommend this for your next table-top game, even in person. Imagine how much easier your game will go having miniatures, character sheets, and rules at your fingertips.

This is something I thought about creating myself using Skype and some extra software integrated with it. But the folks @roll20 have done a great job creating a business and community of players. I tried out their software and I wanted to share some initial thoughts.

First off you need to know a bit of HTML programming and how to interact with software. If you do not know basic HTML you will have a hard learning curve. I expect in the future a more user friendly program. Right now even knowing basic HTML there is a bit of information to absorb. Many of the macros you need to create a game you have to build yourself. This can be cumbersome and exhaustive for any game master. But the rewards of a customized virtual table top can be worth it.

hall of elders 4[Fancy Hall, City Hall, Elders, Mayor's Office]


Cool features include: Live video feeds with all of your friends looking at the same map together. Character sheets that integrate within the software. Manuals from D&D 5th edition embedded within the software. I expect more features to come online soon. If you want to run a game of Savage Worlds or Pathfinder, you have to create more material for the moment. I expect more game manufacturers to bring their rules to this platform soon.

The best thing about Roll 20 is the artwork available in the shop. In fact I liked it so much I decided to throw my weight behind them and put my artwork in their store. Right now you can buy everything you need to build and settle your own village there on Roll 20. What is cool is all of the buildings I put up for sale. Each building is set for a 2d Isometric perspective . Combined with 2D figurines you can create and have awesome games on Roll 20. You can buy trees, rocks, and tons of ordinary village folk to populate your new town.

croesus_tree1[Tree, Pine, Land Feature, Woods]

If you get a chance, stop by and take a look. Below are all the links and banner artwork for every title I have up. More titles will be released and I hope everyone checks it out.

Fantasy Villagers and Heroes

Banner small


Fantasy Village Buildings

Fantasy Village Buildings Cover Small

Fantasy Town and City Buildings

Fantasy Town and City Buildings Cover small

Terrain and Tiles Pack 1

Terrain and Tiles Banner small

Elder Races and Leviathans

Elder Races and Leviathans Banner small

Gods and Champions Pack

Gods and Champions Pack Banner small

Fantasy Items and Collectibles

Fantasy Items and Collectibles Banner smaller.png




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