Why do some people dislike the latest Green Lantern Movie?

I just finished watching Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and I enjoyed it once again. You would think I had poor taste or just had no sense of what a good movie consists of. My tastes run from Horror to Sci-Fi and beyond (even some Disney movies!) But I feel this movie had a great origin story (not totally faithful to the comic but still solid.) It is a solid entry into the DC Universe. I feel the timing was bad for this movie and it made critics turn on the movie. I think Man of Steel is on par if not worse than this movie. Yup, there I said it.

This movie has solid acting, great performance by Mr. Reynolds and others. Great hero story and something I can watch with my kids.

This movie came out on the 17th of June 2011. The first Iron Man movie came out 2nd of May 2008. You would think America would be ready for this type of movie since several super hero movies came out by this time.

A few reasons cited here Cinemablend

No script written at the time of auditions.

“laboriously navigated some of the obligatory emotional dips in the hero’s confidence”

“Parallax as a mindless creature destructively drifting through space made for a lame first villain”

The first one does not hold water as Iron Man really did not have much of a script. It was an outline. No Iron Man Script I think this movie came together well in terms of dialog and what each character had to do.

Laboriously Navigated is something that is a steep opinion and I felt the hero did well adjusting every obstacle and it was great, not a chore to see him rise up to every occasion.

The whole idea of the main bad guy as Parallax. Did the writer forget about Dr. Hector Hammond?

Some more quotes from critics.

“How many more of these superheroes can we take?” Apparently a whole lot more.

“This is a blue-light special version of a superhero movie. This is what happens when they go wrong. This is what happens when they don’t care.” Kinda harsh but sounds like someone had a bad day at the office or a bad night and vented with this review.

I find the Green Lantern Movie does everything well and Ryan Reynolds should not hang his head in shame because of it. It was enjoyable and fun to watch. The characters felt believable and it is a solid addition to the DC universe.

I will say the only thing I did not care too much for was the suit. But it seems a technical thing as there are many movies with worse special effects and still beloved by audiences.

I think Ryan Reynolds’s type of humor started in Van Wilder and which boiled over into Blade 3 grates on people. It is the only thing I can see making this movie hated by so many people.

With Deadpool coming out real soon and Ryan Reynolds once again front and center this type of humor will get on people’s nerves. But others like myself we will embrace it for what it is.

Currently Deadpool is trending at 83% on the Tomato Meter. It seems Deadpool is riding the tide of super hero movie popularity. I wonder what would happen if this movie was released back in 2011?


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