What the heck am I working on?

This is a good question. Some of you might or might know (or care) what I am working on. I will share it with you as I have yet to write the intro blurb, synopsis or any ad material for it.

Rise of the Dragon Gods Book 1 Volume 2 Elder Gods of Naalrinnon series.

This is a novel I just finished in rough draft form. I am currently working on revisions and edits for each chapter. I took a week off to get my mind right so I can add in the right words.

Most novels are 95-105 thousand words long. This is the standard for TOR publishing and other publishing book sites. I might or might not make that goal. Currently I am sitting at 80K words. I will add more sure. But only to serve the story.

I believe in brevity and clarity. I plan to use the Hemmingway Editor app and ensure the edits match the style I prefer.

What is this story about?

Check out my short story here Mad God’s Gambit

You can find free versions of the story on other sites. But I plan to release the first and  novel exclusively on Amazon for the first 90 days.

This story will take place around 30 years later and will focus on the new humans living in this crazy new world of Naalrinnon. Bphophix leads them much like a shepherd leads his flock and humanity works for a crazy mad sea god named Plthunlos.

The above image is the unfinished cover for the first novel. Below is the image for the short story.

Mad God's Gambit Cover


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