Greetings and Salutation!

First post here and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Richard Leon and I am a writer, reader and gamer. I work on a lot of fiction including my new Novel series coming out based on New Gods of Mankind.

This blog will be dedicated to games, and written fiction in the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I will talk about table-top role playing games, board games, video games.

I will discuss my favorite novels and writers.

I will not talk about politics or religion, two subjects which can bring up good or bad feelings.

I will talk about ideas and humanity as a whole.

I do design games and you can see my work for God Smite which is an android app.

If you need a free dice roller for your next tabletop game check out this awesome dice roller

Want a free sample of my game New Gods of Mankind? Go here

Since this is all about introductions I plan to list down some criteria in which I will evaluate books and games. Yes I plan to do some reviews and articles about gaming and writing as well.

First off I must recommend this book here as it discusses a theory of fun for games

Second I plan to review games based on how much fun I have playing it, how much it keeps me engaged to keep playing it and if it invokes critical thinking about the world behind said game. No I will not delve into game mechanics unless they hinder the first criteria which is fun. There are so many game mechanics out there and people who specialize in it I will not waste my time or yours on how it functions.

Book reviews will be a bit different. I plan to base my review on the author’s writing style or rhythm, how it engages me to stay with the book till the end and believably of the world. Each author is different and everyone has a voice. The best authors have a wonderful word rhythm that keeps me engaged into the wee hours of the night.

I plan to keep this blog updated constantly. You will see myriad posts about all sorts of topics. Hopefully some of you will like what I have to say.



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